I wish I could keep it to myself with only the both of us knowing how I feel about you,
your beauty is captivating,
I feel a part of me getting drawn towards you by the day,
I’d plant flowers for you, the ones you’d like,
each morning you smell the glory,
the sun shining on your skin,
the texture of your hair,
your eyes gleaming of innocence and Love,
kindness prevails,
your heart beating in sync with mine as we marvel at God’s gift to us every morning.
still I’d want to know you.
everyday doing everything as our thoughts get hold of us,
your smile gives life, I’ll take care of you regardless,
I’ll find peace in your embrace,
when we happen to be lonely together, I’d spend time admiring you,
I’d hold your hands, feel your cheeks and stop when it’s too much for you,
under the same sun,
where love stands,
like the strands of your hair, defying gravity,
let me love you,
let me take care of you,
let me love you,
only if you let me,
I want to love you.

©Edmond Nonay

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Love Always.

|I felt sad when they said when they’ll get more money, they’ll disregard females.|
Even the word ‘females‘ replaced with ‘women‘ wouldn’t make the statement better.
They grew up seeing their kind disrespectful and disregarded their women. Wait, even the phrase “their women” sounded more possesive.
When women got their voice firm, these people started being passive aggressive.

Yelling out loud that these ‘females’ are rebelling.
They know nothing about their rights they’re just out here faking well being.

See this kinda mindset had been deep rooted.
The same way they see objects is the same way they felt distracted.

See this kinda mindset felt hard to be uprooted.

Passing, hunting girls faking love when they use them.
Leaving trails of fatherless children, their mothers suffer bringing them up with no support from you,


you keep going around planting seeds you’re not ready to nourish,
because your ways are defective and your ego bleeding selfish.
Your kins have no basic needs provided properly while you are living lavish.
No remorse hits you hard that you cannot even perish, from your actions that prove that you got much faults and your mind telling you that that is your default,
nothing or no one can change you since you’re much of a ranger, that is used to the adventure
and furthermore what you potrayed to the younger people was no danger,

to you.

They’re learning disregarding women is just normal,

from you.

Then history keeps on rewriting itself since it’s your pen that they use. When women are hurt or just discriminated by your people, there’s nothing to be done since that is ‘discipline’ that is accrued,
what kind of discipline to be instilled needs to be crude?.

Now when they were labelled ‘trash‘, that came with a reason.
The anger that was triggered simply portrayed no wisdom.
They overlooked their flaws and even bragged of their ‘kingdoms’,
went on to see the woke ones who saw their flaws and reformed as nothing but just ‘hypos’ who befriended women to get laid and get some more.
Thing is the choice to make themselves better felt like hitting below the belt and that is where all their mind is and all the greatness that they ever felt.

Maybe if the reverse was on women and what women had, to them it was given, and all the features that was faulty.
These people would now understand how it feels to be used and abandoned, with no real reason but just major insulting.

But we are greater than that, the better way as much as preached should be practiced,
women are so lovely disregarding them is not just nothing,
it is indeed something and that something need to change,
we need to take on that step then the next that follows,
the other one after and forth we go on.

Where are we heading if we still cannot see our faults? Or better yet see but not fix them in our thoughts?|

Love our women and show support to our women. We may be all broken inside but maybe uniting with them will make our wounds begin to heal then,
We need that balance just to see the sequence,
of how we kinda messed up since we can’t always blame the system.
Beginning to be responsible is better than continuing being miserable.|©NayEd

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yesterday I was walking in the market and came across nice clothes,
inside my head there was you,
the clothes were cheap and seemed new,
though they’re from the thrift,
if I had money I’d buy some for you, not because you lack, but my thoughts kept dressing you in them.
I’d then paint on the faded crop top denim jacket, not sure if my art moves you.
I’d then spend time having a grin on my face in admiration for your beauty.
but my bubble burst and I remembered that I’m lonely.
Maybe you are too.
Maybe I bother you. I’m sorry if I do.
Why are thoughts of mine inviting you to my future like you deserve to be there.
I wouldn’t mind if I’d meet you there.
I’ll focus on the smiles under the Afrikan sun.
Nothing is new under the sun and that implies everything.
Maybe I’m a pacifist but the war on love is inevitable, how can it be so free yet so expensive to even feel worthy of it.
Maybe you don’t understand me.
Maybe love Love doesn’t exist indeed, it’s just pure biology with natural selection taking place,
that’s why sometimes I think a lot about corrupting the menstrual.
Oh! I love like I’ve always been lonely.
Where the skies are blue and the leaves have dew, the lonely road that I got used to, where happiness finally meets me.


woke up from that dream full of darkness and fear,
deep in the dark parts where life travels faster than light,
science is magic, do you believe in Magic?
seems like Angels cried there,
destruction was present,
loop holes to infinity.
lights were off,
deep among the trees finding our way back.
the lights that used to hang in the night sky needed repair but,
we kept revolving for eons.
out from the trees to the cabin where children and dogs played.
somehow we made it out of the Forest.
appeared in the church compound, the priest was complaining, the verses were read unusually,
at the back there were girls having a meal, joined them as they stared,
gave me a plate full of thoughts told me to feast on while I was there,
where the children played the toys were left there,
somehow their presence still roamed,
somehow their absence was profound,
somehow the clouds from the skies
during the day
emitted red light
like all was said and all was done and time stopped but we couldn’t run
to save the time and even the sun looked sad.


They will hear and see you more when you are no longer in the vicinity.
They will then praise you higher and claim to have felt your divinity.
You were everything that they couldn’t see
in a place full abundance of light, everyone carrying their little lights, illuminating up the skies.
The oblivious dream of the light carrying children and we don’t love like we used to.
We learn everything on YouTube.
Supposed “depression” seems cool now,
making the depressed ones feel like they got company.
Not checking up on people seems cool now.
We got scared to express ourselves,
let the king’s forget how Empresses relate.
Where life begins has not made so much sense to us
and we still don’t bother to see how we are blessed with that.
Time indeed is an illusion before our mortal eyes,
no different as some pieces of see through linen before her thighs.
When will we wake up?, we are comfortable in this fool’s paradise.|©Edmond Nonay


Eyes gleamy, looking deep into someone’s soul, the violence in them shying away,
Eyes that’s telling love to stay,
stay in it’s rawest form,
eyes not ready to conform, to any bit of constructive ways, they’re so innocent just to stare at,
I can study them for hours just to know how lovely they are,
a piece of heaven.

the brows tiny, just sweet alignment of God’s dopeness,
your face a reflection of the Divine no mirrors involved,

girly jawline gently curving beneath your ears, sloped with a yummy complexion, the sun knows you already,

does anyone pay attention to the jawline?
like just hold your face and look you deep in your eyes,
from a distance of course, or closer as the moment proposed,

stroke your cheeks then feel your neck,
admiring the unapologetic slightly vivid growth of bits of products of Y chromosomes physically triggered,


the lines on your neck, like streams of dreams,
I mean your skin is clean, I mean you seem so real.

might have seen some light inside of you, but indeed it’s glowing on the outside,

the sun already knows you.

Double dreads on either side, call it balance,
the cowrie shells like bells, just ringing on locs,
two means Union or division,
maybe it’s Union if I jump into conclusions,
maybe they convey a demeanour, silent as they seem huh?

© Edmond Nonay

Silk & Hunnies

From the moment I saw her and I got lost in her subtle words accompanied by her smiles and I admired her sense of listening, I could speak my way into absolution,
I felt broken a few minutes later.
I’ve never seen her before but she’s always been around, call it virtual presence and how unreal it sounds.
I could marry her in an instant!
Her face way spotlessly smooth, chocolate with some bit of brown sugar,
I could lick her face just to pass time as she listened to me vent out my sadness,
maybe that’s why we are called dogs familiarize with Dawg,
they call themselves Bitches, where is the insult again?
moments later in my brokenness,

sinking into my abyss of thoughts and lustful perceptions infused with ideas that could sell once I’m not in existence,
my kin will thank me in prayers.

Also why did Eve have to eat the Apple?, Lucy ran to exile but I’m grateful I got Michael.
Maybe in future when we meet each other on a lonely road where happiness finds me,
she’d be willing to listen to me tell her how I Love her, and from the first physical, my Love shifted from subliminal.
Her lovely face is the epitome of awesomeness and a prophecy of the land full of Silk and Hunnies.


I have a glimmer of hope.
Maybe if I’ll wait my instincts will be sure,
I’d wait for you if decisions are to be made with a rush,
Inside my heart I know that you are the one,

You’ve probably heard this a lot.
Don’t be sure of my moves I’m just trusting I’ll be of Help,
Inside your darkness I can feel a glimmer of hope,
I told you I don’t want to be selfish,
I know selfish is overrated but sometimes that’s how we get to keep things.

My mind is feeling certain,
I’d sit around to be aware but maybe your subtle demeanor is truly helping,
I’m alright with just waiting.
Happiness is subjective,
I saw some of your photos smiling and truly joyfulness was injected,
You once wrote the bad things are no longer with us,

I held on to that,
I’ve probably done a lot just to keep in touch with my heart.
Maybe you’ll get bored with all this and I’ll suddenly believe I’ve left a mark,

Just a silent whisperer, an Angel with an armor you can call me Michael,
I know I’m obsessed with parables,
maybe straight forward with my intentions just to be free from the mind bog.
Feel free to let me know anything, I’m willing to listen.

I feel it’s pretty soon for me to be distant.
© Edmond Nonay


please pay me for my poetry,
I’m all lovey dovey and shit until I get depressed and you ignore me,
I’m the lonely boy who’s Happy when good music is around him,
I might be too boring,
I might be so horny,
I might be so into your girl that I frankly let her know it,
I might be full of stories,

I might be overwhelming and overzealous with my homies,

I might be the only one you call when you’re tripping on some dope shit.

Mama’s stories of her past let me know she’s a strong Queen.
Women are muses and pieces of arts in motion,

their bodies are regal depictions,

I found solace in my own words,

found love within my own heart,

of sad boys and their poetry, let me smile when you’re ignoring me, pick up my words form your DM just to be sorry,

this world is getting boring, maybe I’m not from around here,
maybe I’m ahead for my Time and my perception is so lofty.

what are words if we never take the time to listen?

what are words if we don’t read to understand them?

© Edmond Nonay

Fading lights.

If being vulnerable and honest is a form of Love,

I’d Love you till my lungs give up.

When my time comes hold me like I’d have held you.
Whisper your last wishful thought into my almost dead ears,
I’d smile as you remain wishful at that vulnerable moment,
I’d laugh to the silliest of jokes on replay as my mind is shutting down.

All the hidden love letters that my muses Never knew it was because of them I wrote them,
that their beauty and Divinity inspired my feelings that triggered my creativity.
The playlists that could be lovely to you since they’d be among the few audible memories of me that you’d have.

You’d feel like you’ve let me down but in Truth I’d wait for you on the other side, even at that point of vulnerability and weary eyes with a heavy chest worth it’s weight in fruits and nuts.
Monologues of how you’d love how I sounded when I talked to you about things I only thought of but not felt or encountered in this lifetime. It’d be funny that you’d tell me of your silliest mistakes that you’d never thought you’d be telling someone on his last minutes to heaven.

Violins and Cellos on the tip of your ear lobes and trumpets from afar — Misty paths that were covered in flowers and healthy bushes that seemed divineee.

Michael from a few steps appears with his glowing shield picks me up from the earth and all that I was meant to listen from you at that moment I did and I was grateful.

I wished for a joyful journey for you, tears that I’d held all my life get to flow — no one is an enemy of water, time became an illusion for that moment, it’d have seemed as a dream.

A gentle kiss to let me go.

Such a short time with so much that we’d do.

When I open and close my eyes, sometimes it’s blank darkness, sometimes it’s polka dots and stripes, sometimes it’s my musing taking strides.

While my art was selling we were having a quickie in the shadows,
the director peed himself while looking for Mr.NayEd— but who cares we were having our moment,—
she always had the appetite even though she was the meal,
came always and pulled my hair acting all kinky and stuff,
she was the kinda person to randomly kiss me and laugh,
her hands were magic wands my nervous got into system,
she knew how to make me clingy and in no time were both couldn’t be distant,

craving that love,
though men are dogs she made me feel like a wolf,
she ripped me from my fragile body just for my soul to be free,
diving into her body,
getting lost like I’m lonely,
suddenly she just holds me,
her magic wands are anointing, felt like our souls hugging,
gently my fingers running, her gentle frame that is lovely,
she was a free one even clothes didn’t hide her divinity,
she used to fall asleep after all the soul wander,

just seeing her lovely face turn into ugly,

her eyes were still lovely,
her body glowing from the sweat,
I’d wake up at random times and lotus flower at the edge,
just me musing why I deserved this Empress,
always felt unworthy,
but soon she made me worthy, looked me in the eyes while our hearts pumping,
her magic wands on on my shoulders,

smooching me like a toddler, told me she loves me deeply

Nebulas and oceans just know us.

© Edmond Nonay


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